Today I read two interesting posts about work in Spain and in UK. The first in Fer Martin’s blog about the creation (better the no creation) of new companies in Spain. Hard situation for the spanish economy after 8-6 years of constructions inversions (the present situation is well-known as burbuja inmobiliaria)

I started to use English versions of my computer programs.. I’m starting to be annoying (marear ¿?)

In Fer’s blog I find an interesting blog that has posts about working in England. Blog is know as Testblog an has two interesting posts: one for CV and other about telefonic interview.

Ivan has read this posts and has sent three documents about making a good CV for English companies.

Finally he says an advice to me: learn English.

Talkman for PSP

I think that I could adquire Talkman, the translator for PSP.