The Loveparade 2007 will not take place in Berlin!

Dear Friends of the Loveparade,
today we regretfully have to make public some very sad news. Due to the failure to date of the City of Berlin to grant us written approval, the Loveparade 2007 cannot be held in Berlin. We do not have the level of planning security necessary for the preparation of an event of this magnitude:
No one builds a house without a permit.
Following months of preparations, discussions with our sponsors, partners and friends, we so to say have done our homework:
– the concept has been prepared
– the financing has been secured just as last year through our main sponsor McFit
– the production is in the starting blocks
– all partners from last year would again be lending their support this year
– new partners have been added
– all applications have been made within the required times
We are ready to go.
We have on several occasions attempted to get the City of Berlin to grant us written approval and repeatedly postponed the press conference for this reason. But now time is running out and we cannot wait any longer!
Because we nevertheless want to organise a Loveparade for this year, we have taken the decision to seek out a new partner city in Germany or Europe. As of this moment cities interested in hosting the event can get in contact us. We are looking forward to receiving applications and are sure that the show will go on.
We hope that you are able to understand why we are making this move, and we are asking you for your continuing support.
Because: You are the parade!
We are as equally disappointed as you about this situation but hope that we will be able to create a party just as great as the one held in Berlin.
Best regards,
The Loveparade Team

Es una putada, pero es el último comunicado oficial aparecido en la web del Love Parade. Es cierto que nunca se sabe, a lo mejor, es una medida de presión, porque todos los años pasaba lo mismo. Hasta mayo o abril no se hacía oficial.

Dicen que lo mejor puede ser trasladar el evento a otra ciudad.. hay muchas ciudades europeas con parades y no son lo mismo. No es la fiesta en sí, no es el Love Parade, no es Berlín,.. es todo junto. Love Parade y Berlín son todo uno, el origen de los parade, las fiestas en la calle.

Veremos como se resuelve todo.

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