Entrevista Kimi-sensei

Como homenaje y recuerdo a mi profesora de japonés quiero publicar esta entrevista que un alumno suyo le realizó hace unos años. Muchas gracias Kimi por este año y medio de clases y conocimientos de japonés y sobre la cultura japonesa.

Traditional Japanese mind isolated

Kimi Hokuto is a Japanese woman who has been living in Spain for twenty six years. He arrived to Spain in 1976, just after Franco’s dead, as a young lady who wanted to improve her Spanish studies. Her family could afford a travel and a stay for her in our country for several months because in that times Spain was a poor third-category country. Along that time, Kimi met his actual husband and father of her tow sons, a Spanish teacher from Valencia. So, Kimi did not come back home, and she is already living in Valencia, where she teaches Japanese to some people.

My Japanese teacher came to Spain in a difficult and important historical moment. Spain was still closed and underdeveloped, so she found odd how people wore black clothes and did not speak with foreigners. In addition, Spanish people were not used to see oriental people and most of them gazed at her the first years. Then, oriental emigration grew up and nowadays we are totally used to see almond-shape eyes.

Kimi, my interviewee, explained that it was not easy to adapt to Spanish lifestyle. «The first years were so difficult for me. I remember that I had to take holidays every three months outside of Spain, because I did not like that people interfered in my life, as Spanish people are used to do». She really found odd that people talked about themselves and their problems with other people and also that people wanted to know too much about her life, although she was pleased that people wanted to help her and were so nice with her, but no more. It may seem a stupid thing, but in Japan lifestyle it is not usual talk about intimae and personal things with anyone. In Spain this is normal. We are friendly and extroverted, too much for an oriental mind.

By the other hand, Kimi can tell a lot of anecdotes that she has lived since she arrived to Spain. One quite curious is that she cannot take a taxi. Why? you may think. It is simple; taxi drivers always mistake her with a tourist and try to cheat her. «It is horrible. They start to drive around the city and never realised that I know perfectly the city where I live! «.

Kimi has still her Japanese nationality, although she has Spanish too. So, she would be able to vote politicians in both countries, but she does not do it, she does not like politic.

To sum up with another curious note, when I asked her if she liked Spain as a country and its lifestyle, she did not answer me. She told me: «It is my husband and son’s country, I must love it, I do it». This illustrates that Japanese mind never changes, although it is surrounded by the totally contrary though.

Special gratitude to: Kimi Hokuto

Por cierto, mucha suerte a las personas que se presenten a las pruebas de nivel (aquellos que no han aprobado japonés 3) para el próximo día 30.


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